About the Project:
Client: Naked Las
Year: 2016
Production: Monstro Productions

Concept/ DIR: Mauricio Balvanera
DOP: Patrick Lawler / DECA

The spot, co-directed with the talented Patrick Lawler, shows off Naked Lab’s 3D fitness tracker called “Naked”. It’s the first device that automatically tracks the only thing that matters in goal-oriented fitness. Progress.

The talented people that make up the collaborated spirit of this video include Patrick Lawler, Derek Maher, Michael Wilson, Dalton Crosthwait, Pieter Schlosser, Martin Sargent, David Prager, and all teams associated with these rock stars, as well as the Naked Labs team made up of Farhad Farahbakhshian, Ed Sclater, and Alli Rath.

Pre-order at Naked.fit